Marcos A. García García

High Energy Physics / Cosmology / Mathematical Physics


img_1707I’m Marcos Alejandro García García, currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Physics Department at Rice University, working with Prof. Mustafa Amin. My research is primarily focused on the connection between particle physics and cosmology. More specifically, I study the embedding of the inflationary paradigm into (supersymetric) particle physics models. After starting here at Rice, I have somewhat drifted away from supersymmetry to concentrate in the application of transport theory on inflation, and in the dynamics of clumps of axion dark matter. For a more complete review of my past and current research interests click here. For a complete list of publications, click here.

Knowledge is only valuable when it is shared, and there is probably no better way to share it than through teaching. I’m not currently teaching any courses, but you can see my teaching experience here. For the other favored knowledge sharing method, conference talks and seminars, see here.

You can learn a bit more about me following this link.

Below you will find my most recent research projects.