About me

img_0123Although I currently reside in the USA, I was born and raised in Mexico. Of all the things that I love about my country, its climate, its food and the (free) higher education that I received from UNAM are the ones that I appreciate the most. My lovely wife and our dog are Mexican too, but our son was born in the US.

I enjoy riding bicycles, be it in the hot, humid Houston summer or in the middle of the Minneapolis winter. After arriving to the States I have become a DIYer, meaning that modifying or repairing our bicycles is as much as a hobby to me as riding them. By the way, my wife taught me how to ride them shortly before moving to Minneapolis.

My other passion is, of course, the search for a better understanding of our Universe. I have always been amazed of our understanding of the composition and dynamics of the fundamental blocks out of which everything is built. I am a natural problem solver, and to me no field other than the study of the early Universe currently posses the most intriguing questions.

I don’t have a proper programming training (unless you count a one semester introductory Computational Physics course as such), but along the way I have picked up experience with LaTeX, Fortran, C, Java, Mathematica, Matlab and Maple (and now Python!). I’m no Unix wizard, but at least I have managed to keep my Ubuntu-running desktop for a few years, sorting out any major issues.


Department of Physics and Astronomy
Herman Brown Hall 304
Rice University
6100 Main Street — MS 108
Houston, TX 77005